Grad Split

The city of Split is situated on the Adriatic coast in central Dalmatia, on the Marjan peninsula. Split entices with its rich tradition, glorious history and the beauty of the natural and cultural heritage. Diocletian’s Palace and the whole historical Split core have been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979., not only because of the remarkable preservation of Palace itself, but also because this Palace and its city are still living a full life, thereby embodying a living monument, unique in the world.

Split preserves exceptional monuments of sacral architecture, among which the most important are the Cathedral of Saint Domnius, numerous city squares of which we should mention Prokurative, Pjaca, and Fruit Square. Split’s Riva Promenade is an iconic place in the city, and a favorite meeting place of Split citizens. By taking a walk through the ancient city, you can travel through time, observe top examples of ancient architecture like Peristyle, Medieval romanesque churces and Gothic palaces, Renaissance portals of aristocratic houses, Baroque facades, up to the modern architecture which is remarkably integrated in the rich heritage. Marjan Hill, a symbol of the city, offers an escape from the city noise by its forest, paths for jogging, hiking or cycling, recreational courts, and the little ancient churches where the old Split citizens searched for spiritual piece.

There are also beaches which are, considering the size of the city, unusually numerous and having a clear sea – from the famous sandy beach called Bačvice to the secluded rocky oasis around the entire Marjan. It is a city where you can enjoy an excellent gastronomy and wines in the picturesque taverns and restaurants, find many cultural events such as film or theater festivals, exhibitions, top museums and concerts; a city that offers you entertainment from numerous clubs and bars to the street events and festivals.


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